Repopulation & Re-Entry to Property

Please Note: All resource information has been confirmed by Butte-Glenn 2-1-1 Staff. However, resource information is subject to change based on the availability, capacity, and discretion of the resource provider. Please consider checking in with providers ahead of time to ensure availability of services

CalFire- Camp Fire Structure Damage and Status Map – Provides information regarding field damage inspection. The icons on the map indicate the current known status of the structure. If a structure is not identified by an icon, it has not yet been identified. Addresses may be entered into the search bar to find a specific location.

CalFire- Camp Fire Interactive Online Evacuation/Repopulation Map – Provides a map of evacuation zones and area of the Camp Fire, including address search capabilities. This map will not reflect active evacuations, but rather the evacuation zones involved in the Camp Fire. Map available online at:

Butte County Permit Center- Available online, in person, or over the phone. Permit information for Butte County. or by phone at  530-552-3700 Located at Development Services, 7 County Center Drive, Oroville . Hours: Monday-Tuesday from 8am-4pm, Wednesday 8am-3pm, Thursday 8am-4pm, and Friday 8am-4pm.

Butte County Recovers – Safety Information- Official information regarding safety recommendations for those living or returning to the burn-scar area can be found online at : This includes information on well water sampling and testing, re-entry health and safety information, potential flooding and mud debris flows, as well as how to sign-up for emergency notifications.  


  • California Air Resources Board – 800-242-4450
  • Butte County Air Quality Management – 530-332-9400
  • California Department of Public Health – 916-558-1784
  • California Office of Emergency Services- 916-845-8200
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention – 800-232-4636
  • CalRecycle – 916-341-6300
  • California Environmental Protection Agency – 916-323-2514
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency – 866-372-9378

Road Information & Road Closures


General Advisory For Flooded Roadways with no posted signage:

  • Glenn County: For flooded roads with no closed signage in GLENN County, please call the Glenn County OES (for Glenn County Roads) at 530-934-6441.
  • Butte County: For flooded roads with no closed signage in BUTTE County, please call the Butte County Sheriff at 530.538.7322. 


Always check and call 1 (800) 427-ROAD before traveling

Property Clean Up

  1. Call the County Debris Removal/ Right-of-Entry Hotline: 530-552-3155, available M-Sat 8am-5pm. Butte County Environmental Health can also be reached at Phone: 530-552-3880 (TTY: 530-538-6588).
  2. Send an email inquiry to
  3.  Visit in person the ROE Center at 202 Mira Loma, Oroville, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
  4.  Visit for information on Butte County’s debris removal process. Frequently asked questions and answers can be found through this link:

Butte County Environmental Health– The Debris Removal ROE/FSO Center closed permanently on December 30th, 2019. For questions regarding debris removal right of entry and final sign-off questions can be directed to Butte County Environmental Health. Located at 202 Mira Loma Drive, Oroville 95965. Hours: Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Phone: 530-552-3880 TTY: 530-538-6588

Visit for information on Butte County’s debris removal process. 

Frequently asked questions and answers can be found through this link:

Camp Fire Debris Cleanup Map – Online map created in partnership between Butte County, CalRecycle, Cal OES, and the Town of Paradise. Link: This map indicates properties in the burn area under the following labels:

  • ROE Received
  • Site Assessment Complete
  • Asbestos Complete
  • Debris Removal Completed
  • Soil Sampling Completed
  • Erosion Control Completed
  • Phase 2 Complete 

CalFire – Property Damage Map- – An interactive map to view property damage.

Warner Enterprises- Offering free disposal of green waste to individuals or homeowners. Green waste is organic biodegradable waste such as yard or garden trimmings, branches, and dead plants.  This resource is intended for homeowners who are rebuilding in the Camp Fire burn scar, but Warner Enterprises will not refuse service to individuals in other areas of Butte County as long as they are disposing of their own personal green waste that meets the eligibility criteria.  Green waste must meet the following criteria to be accepted for disposal:

  • Must be from the individual or homeowner’s own property. 
  • Must be clean (does not contain rocks, dirt, brick, or trash)
  • Must be 15 inches in diameter or less
  • Boles of trees must be at least 4 ft long

Firewood rounds, commercial green waste (from a business), and any other green waste that does meet the eligibility criteria will NOT be accepted. Individuals who are interested in disposing of their green waste are encouraged to call Gary Warner at (530)941-4655.  This will ensure that there will be staff available on site to accept and dispose of the green waste. Hours: M-F: 8am-4pm. Located at: 14096 Lakeridge Circle, Magalia CA. Please Note: This resource is temporary and subject to change based on the need of this service by the community. Commercial green waste may be accepted, but for a fee which will be determined by Warner Enterprises.

Butte County Fire Safe Council- Chipper Program-**COVID-19 Update: Butte County Fire Safe Council office is closed to the public due to COVID-19. Staff is working remote and available to respond to phone calls/voicemails.** Offering no-cost Chipper Program service for rural residents within the Camp Fire footprint (within communities of Paradise, Magalia, and Butte Creek Canyon) that would like to reduce fire hazards on their property. The chipper program offers an alternative to burning or hauling vegetation and brush.  Eligibility requirements include the following: Must be a rural resident within the Camp Fire footprint  (within communities of Paradise, Magalia, and Butte Creek Canyon). Rural residents outside the Camp Fire footprint (Concow/Yankee Hill, Berry Creek, Forbestown, etc..)  are eligible. Funding for chipper services outside the Camp Fire footprint is limited and chipper services are not guaranteed. Before service residents must properly stack rows of foliage to allow for chipping services:

  • Stack cut brush and limbs in a row within five feet of the road or driveway edge. Stack with the ends facing toward the road or driveway
  • Rows should be stacked no more than four feet high
  • Mud, rocks, roots, and rootballs must be removed from the rows. Chipping will not occur in stacks with any rocks, mud, or roots within them.
  • Keep poison oak out of the rows.
  • Place the rows where a truck can easily access them; no off-road locations allowed. Rows should be placed alongside the road.
  • Please note that chipped material will be broadcast in the area, not hauled away.
  • The Chipper Program does not provide chipping for orchard material or timber harvest material.
  • Limbs up to eight inches and not more than 10 feet in length may be chipped. 

Call the Butte County Fire Safe Council at 530-877-0984 to request Chipper Program service. For more information or to apply for the online Chipper Program application, visit:

Camp Fire Response – Hazardous Waste Phase Map- A map showing parcels assessed for hazardous waste.Link:

Butte County Standing Structures Vendor List- The following vendors may assist homeowners and business owners with standing structures to assess and text for exposure to fire impacted property. This is NOT a list for fire debris removal.  Vendor List can be found here: