Miscellaneous Resources

Please Note: All resource information has been confirmed by Butte-Glenn 2-1-1 Staff. However, resource information is subject to change based on the availability, capacity, and discretion of the resource provider. Please consider checking in with providers ahead of time to ensure availability of services

North Valley Community Foundation- Paradise Ridge Community Land Group Fund- Providing a way for land within the Camp Fire burn scar area to be donated for affordable housing or other public use. Donated land will be used to build affordable housing, future parks, school additions, evacuation routes, public safety or safety easement. Property that is not a good fit for affordable housing or for public good will be used to fund the group’s work. Please note: the Paradise Ridge Community Land Group Fund is advised by the Community Housing Improvement Program, Habitat for Humanity of Butte County, and Rebuild Paradise Foundation. Both land and cash donations are accepted, and all donations are tax deductible. Individuals interested in donating may contact Loretta Weber at (530) 891-6931 ext.224 or at LWeber@chiphousing.org

IRS, Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief- Disaster Resource Guide for Individuals and Businesses-  IRS Disaster Resource Guide: Provides information to individuals and businesses affected by a federally declared disaster and the assistance available to disaster survivors. The guide offers guidance with claiming unreimbursed casualty losses on property that was damaged or destroyed. Disaster Resource Guide – Available online at bit.ly/2vXFpGs.  IRS Hotline: Offers assistance over the phone to provide explanations on filing related to disaster.  Individuals and businesses seeking tax-related assistance that were impacted by a federally declared disaster. IRS Hotline – 1-800-829-1040 (Mon-Fri).

Butte County Fire Safe Council- Chipper Program-**COVID-19 Update: Butte County Fire Safe Council office is closed to the public due to COVID-19. Staff is working remote and available to respond to phone calls/voicemails.** Offering no-cost Chipper Program service for rural residents within Butte County that would like to reduce fire hazards on their property. The chipper program offers an alternative to burning or hauling vegetation and brush. To be considered eligible, individuals must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a resident within Butte County
  • Stack cut brush and limbs in a row within five feet of the road or driveway edge. Stack with the ends facing toward the road or driveway
  • Rows should be stacked no more than four feet high
  • Mud, rocks, roots, and rootballs must be removed from the rows. Chipping will not occur in stacks with any rocks, mud, or roots within them.
  • Keep poison oak out of the rows.
  • Place the rows where a truck can easily access them; no off-road locations allowed. Rows should be placed alongside the road.
  • Please note that chipped material will be broadcast in the area, not hauled away.
  • The Chipper Program does not provide chipping for orchard material or timber harvest material.
  • Limbs up to eight inches and not more than 10 feet in length may be chipped. 

Call the Butte County Fire Safe Council at 530-877-0984 to request Chipper Program service. Office hours vary, messages left on the phone line will typically be returned within one business day.  Intake applications are also available online, visit: www.buttefiresafe.net

PARADISE U **COVID-19 Update: Classes have resumed with the following schedule. Social distancing will occur and limited equipment will be provided and sanitized after each use. All classes will be held outside to comply with state guidance. Anyone feeling ill is asked to stay home and not attend classes.** Offering various physical activity opportunities for residents affected by the Camp Fire at no cost, in an effort to help survivors better deal with the stress, anxiety and depression or other mental health barriers they may experience.Residents planning to participate in Pilates/ Stretch class are urged to bring their own yoga mat if possible

Class Schedule:

Mondays and Wednesdays: 

  • X-Training – 9am
  • Pilates/Stretch – 9:45am

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  • X-Training – 5:30am
  • Walking Group (Meets at Depot Park) – 7:30am

Fridays -Bring your own bench (BYOB):

  • Step Aerobics – 8:30am


  • X-Training – 9 am
  • Pilates/Stretch – 9:45 am

Please Note: All classes meet at Paradise Alliance Church other than walking groups. Paradise Alliance Church is located at 6491 Clark Road, Paradise. Classes are free to the community living or who lived in the burn scar areas. Proof of residence in the burn scar at the time of the Camp Fire is requested before participants first class (any documentation with name and address in burn scar accepted). Minors allowed with an adult, ‘Senior’ classes are open to all ages.For questions, contact Paradise U via email: suzanne.paradiseu@gmail.com or through their FB page at the following link: http://bit.ly/33QrLRV

Property Maintenance & Fire Prevention

Paradise Alliance Church- Fuels Reduction Assistance Program (F.R.A.P)- Offering a one time, volunteer based assistance program to create defensible space and provide wildfire education. Volunteers will help property owners create defensible space by clearing gutters, moving items that are combustible, removing brush, weeds, and trimming low lying tree branches in the first 100 feet of space around their property (existing homes, future homes, or RV’s).  Dead or dying trees may also be removed if they can impact infrastructure, do not qualify for the Government ROE Tree Removal Program, are located in the first 100 feet of space around the property, and do not require climbing or special equipment for its removal.Please Note: Due to the volunteer based nature of this program, capacity is limited to volunteer time and availability and will not guarantee complete or professional-level work. The Paradise Alliance Church reserves the right to choose which trees will be removed after a site evaluation takes place. Property owners must live in the Camp Fire footprint, within the communities of Magalia and Paradise.  Property owners who live outside of this area may still apply, but will be considered on a case by case basis. Property owners must be low-income or unable to complete the work themselves due to physical limitations (elderly or disabled). Hours: M-F: 8am-5pm. Individuals who are interested in signing up for the program can call (530) 877-7069 or fill out the registration form found here: https://www.fuelsreduction.org/registration.