Document Replacement & Permit Information

Please Note: All resource information has been confirmed by Butte-Glenn 2-1-1 Staff. However, resource information is subject to change based on the availability, capacity, and discretion of the resource provider. Please consider checking in with providers ahead of time to ensure availability of services.

Office of Clerk Recorder – Document Replacement-  For assistance with copies of official records such as birth, death, and marriage certificates that have been lost in the fire, please contact the Butte County Recorder in Oroville. See information below or through Butte County Hall of Records, 155 Nelson Avenue, Oroville, CA 95965. Phone: 530-552-3400 

Property Owners Document Replacement- Butte County Development Services- Those in need of building records that were lost in the fire can contact the county or the assessor or the town of Paradise. Building records for buildings lost on county property will be made available.  Online here:

Document Replacement: Military Personnel File (DD214)- US Department of Veterans Affairs If you need a copy of your DD214 discharge papers create an ebenefits account here or here:

House of Representatives, Congressman Doug LaMalfa-Providing connections and appeals to Federal agencies and programs when constituents are experiencing documentable challenges and delays in service. If constituents have not received an answer from a Federal Agency in a timely fashion (30 business days) or have been treated unfairly, the congressional district can provide a means to connect with a Federal Agency. A constituent of Representative (Doug LaMalfa) in Butte or Glenn County that has taken steps to apply or gain access to a FEDERAL program (Such as the VA, FEMA, Social Security) and has been denied, rejected, or experienced unwarranted delays to accessing said program, and has documentation of steps taken to resolve the issue. If needing to file a complaint, the individual needs to file one with the respective agency that they are applying to/having issues with. If the complaint isn’t appropriately responded to by that agency then the individual may choose to contact LaMalfa’s office to escalate the complaint. Documentation is key. Documentation can take the form of documented attempts of contact, usage of other services (such as legal services) to combat rejection, or other steps taken to access program multiple times. 

For those who have documentation of steps taken and still have not received clear communication from the Federal agency to which they are applying to, contact Representative LaMalfa’s local office: