Disaster Case Management

The process to be connected with a Disaster Case Manager is to fill out an intake form to be placed on the waitlist until a Disaster Case Manager reaches your file. There is currently a very long wait for receiving a disaster case manager because the agencies providing case management are impacted with heavy caseloads. The intake form can be completed through the link below to the form:

If you wish to complete the intake by phone, Butte-Glenn 2-1-1 Call Specialists are available to help and to answer questions about the process. Call the toll free number if located outside of Butte or Glenn counties to be connected with a Butte-Glenn 2-1-1 Call Specialist: 866-916-3566. 

  • For immediate needs that you have while waiting for a disaster case manager, you can dial 2-1-1 to connect with live local help to be connected to resources.

Camp Fire Collaborative (Formerly the Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group) The Camp Fire Collaborative (formerly the Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group) is a collaborative nonprofit organization composed of members from the public sector, private businesses, non-profit organizations, community groups and faith-based organizations and works closely with government agencies to identify and meet community needs throughout Camp Fire Recovery efforts. For more information, visit: campfire-collaborative.org

  • Disaster Case Management FAQ – Offers information about Disaster Case Management through the multi-agency collaborative working through the Camp Fire Collaborative (previously the Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group). View online here: http://bit.ly/3c4ztvM