Animal Care & Resources

Please Note: All resource information has been confirmed by Butte-Glenn 2-1-1 Staff. However, resource information is subject to change based on the availability, capacity, and discretion of the resource provider. Please consider checking in with providers ahead of time to ensure availability of services.

Re-location and Reuniting with Lost Animals: If your animal is lost, please visit: and search the photo library of lost animals and resources. For instructions on using the pet library, visit this site: The Camp Fire Rescued Animals website is no longer posting images of animals but the website does have a list of shelters taking in rescued pets and animals. For the complete list of animal shelters visit: pet sheltering resources – see websites listed on this North Valley Animal Disaster Group  resources page for agencies and partners who have been taking in rescued pets and animals.

BadRap- Keep ‘Em Home Program/Reduced Bus Cost Program- Offering a limited number of converted buses to Camp Fire survivors with dogs in their family that are unable to find housing that will accommodate their pets. Buses are converted for living, and are valued at $15 K, but are being offered at whatever price the survivor is able to pay. Matches will be made based on need, not the best offer. BadRap will consider sweat equity and work-exchange arrangements with those who have skills and time to do conversion work on one or more vans. To apply for a van, fill out the application online at :

Doobert- Animal Rescue/Transport Group- Offering a software platform to connect volunteer drivers and pilots to approved rescues and shelters, to safely transport animals away from bad situations or back to their families. Individuals in need of transport can submit an online request which will alert a local agency of their need, the agency will then access Doobert’s pool of local volunteers who will reach out to the family or individual in need to help assist in the transport of their pet. For more information or to submit a request for transport requests, go online to:

Friends United in Rescue (FUR)- Animal Rescue, Animal Trapping- Volunteer group providing rescue initiatives, which include trapping and feeding local cats, as well as providing community members with the supplies and assistance to reunite them with their pets. Friends United in Rescue also offers trapping services. If missing cat is spotted, Friends of Campfire can set up a trap. Request trapping or rescue by filling out google form here : .For more information call: 530-413-7955  Facebook group:

Facebook groups and pages that are helping to find and reunify pets with Camp Fire survivors:

Animal Fostering Resources

Facebook Group: Camp Fire Animal Connection:

This closed  group has been created to help those in need of temporary foster homes for their animals due to the Camp Fire directly connect with people are able to open their homes to animals in need. This is a people-to-people site where animal owners and potential foster caretakers can find one another and explore foster opportunities. Please post your foster need and your foster availability, providing as much detail as possible, so that it might lead to a helpful person-to-person connection.

Facebook Group: Camp Fire Animals Foster & Adoption: 

This is an open group on facebook for person to person pet connection. Page strictly intended for those that want to help foster or adopt a pet, and those that are in need of finding a pet temporary or permanent new housing regardless of reason. Fostering or adopting person to person is an alternative to crowded boarding at shelters and hospitals.